Below are some helpful resources pertaining to those looking to move to Kelowna, or those who are looking to be better connected.

Please have a look through and let me know if there is anything that should be added as a resource to the Kelowna Tech/Creative community.

Also, if you are at all interested in helping make this site look/function better, I would love your help – please reach out!

Kelsey A. Helm

Getting Connected

COEDC Connector Program

Broaden your network through one-on-one meetings with established business leaders in the community. It is a simple but effective referral process that puts newcomers in touch with highly networked individuals so they can connect to our workforce and settle successfully in our community.


The Kelowna Slack Instance where our goal is to build a quality network of relevant tech folks committed to creating success for the Okanagan. If you plan to join, please participate!


Kelowna Slack Instance

token: kelownatech

Meet Up!

Best way to get connected is to show up to events you are interested in. Check out the General Kelowna Meetups or the Digital Okanagan Meetup Groups along with the Cultural Events that are taking place in Kelowna.

Reach Out!

Reach out to Accelerate Okanagan or Shane at CoLab and explain how you are wanting to get involved. I am positive they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Reports & Resources

Below are the latest reports published on the region. My aim will be to keep this section up to date.

  • Accelerate Okanagan
  • Kelowna Chamber of Commerce
    • Kelowna Economic Scorecard 2019
      • This economic scorecard provides an evidence-based view of Kelowna’s performance in comparison to 16 other North American and international cities. Data was drawn from 78 sources to generate scores and grades on 24 indicators – 12 social and 12 economic indicators.
    • Central Okanagan Economic Profile & Indicators
      • Commissioned by the COEDC and completed in collaboration with MDB Insight these resources communicate the strengths and opportunities of the communities and economic clusters of the Central Okanagan region supporting the COEDC and its regional partners to better promote the area in their efforts to drive economic growth.
  • The City of Kelowna
    • Community Trends Report
      • The Community Trends Report is prepared annually to explore how major changes in the future might impact the long-term management of cities. The Community Trends Report is a researched-based document that sets the stage for future action by identifying the local implications of broader national trends.
    • Imagine Kelowna – the vision to 2040
      • The result of almost 4,000 resident contributions, Imagine Kelowna is a vision created by our community, for our community. Imagine Kelowna is the community‚Äôs vision, principles and goals to thrive in the face of unprecedented growth and change. The result of almost 4,000 resident contributions.
  • HM Commercial